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Educating Newly Arrived Immigrants

The objective of this project is to provide newly arrived immigrants with essential knowledge about US civics, culture, and institutions so that they can better integrate into American society. As newcomers to the United States, immigrants often face a significant cultural shock and struggle to understand the customs, traditions, and values of their new home. This project aims to bridge that gap by providing them with the necessary information and resources to navigate the complex landscape of American society.

What Do We Want To Achieve

At Patriot Kids Foundation we want to make sure you know how America works especially if you come from a Nation that embraces Socialism and you live without Individual Rights and freedom, from a nation that is used to government control, and when you get the right to vote you will vote for what you have always known: bigger government more freedom Which is wrong. in America we are based on smaller government and more freedom because the government here in America can not get involved in your Life, Rights, or Business. If you are going to live in America then you must know these things: 

  • We love Freedom 
  • We enjoy the free market system
  • We enjoy trade
  • We respect the individual rights of other  

How Will This Project Help Our Communities

Education is the only possible solution for Immigrants (individuals or families) to integrate quickly and actively into American society, in this way they will be able to overcome the great civic and emotional challenges they face and be able to begin a prosperous life, actively contributing to their communities. With the correct education, they will stop depending on the help of different government entities and will be part of the growth of their cities, contributing economically to the development of each community.

Why Was This Project Created

This program has emerged to reduce the strong social impact that the unexpected arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrant families represents in the different cities of the state of Florida. At our foundation we firmly believe that the only way to integrate these families into society American effectively so that these people begin to be part of the community in the shortest possible time and contribute socially and economically only through education. This situation has been increasing in the last three years without control or planning, if we do not pay the necessary attention to the importance that this has, in the short term our communities will be strongly affected and devastated in all aspects of our lives. For this reason we propose a civic, emotional and financial education to support these people who arrive daily and who face the tough challenge of a completely different society than the one they left behind, a completely new economic system, a different language and a form of government in which they have never lived. To all this we must add the difficult emotional situation that they will begin to experience having left their family and friends behind, arriving to live in new homes of family and friends that in most cases they do not know, this triggers a deep emotional trauma, also the Families in our communities who have received these people will have a difficult emotional and economic situation to face. Recognizing that our schools, our government offices, hospitals and all other services in our communities are not at all prepared to face this unprecedented situation and knowing that the majority of these families are here and will not leave, we only have to empower them with education and prepare them so that this situation ends satisfactorily for everyone for the common good and prosperity of our nation, our freedoms and everything that America represents.



1- Civic Education

1.1Fundamental differences between capitalist and socialist societies.

1.2 Teach how our nation has been created, especially they must know the philosophy of our government and its meaning.

1.3 How does the separation of powers of our government work in our society (the 3 fundamental powers)

1.4 What are our fundamental documents and what do they represent?

1.5 How our school system works.

1.6 What does the market economy and private property mean?

1.7 Why is America exceptional?

1.8 Our national symbols.


2- Financial Education.

2.1 How the financial system works in American society based on our right to private property and prosperity.

2.2 How do you begin to navigate the credit card credit system, how to open a bank account?

2.3 Precautions in the use of different credit cards and what banks rely on to set interest.

2.4 When and what determines how personal and business taxes are paid.

2.5 How to start your own business in the legal and correct way, professional licensing department.


3- Culture and society.

3.1 Offer an overview of the social and cultural norms of American society.

3.2 Respect for private property and the individual rights of citizens.

3.3 Hygiene and order regulations in the community.

3.4 Basic rules between neighbors.

3.5 Operation of the city’s Emergency systems. Ambulances, Firefighters and Police. (911)


4- Emotional Education.


4.1Effective tools to manage the different emotional situations that immigrants and the families that have welcomed them into their homes may face.

Open Discussions Program FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

All immigrants legal or that arrived here in an irregular way and there families

These services will be free for the community counting on the support of government institutions and private donations

The events will, 2 times a month for 1 year.

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